Sojourn #2
1st edition
TOUANC Price Guide #GL175
September 1977
White Cliffs Publishing Co.
12" x 18"
24 pages
Printrun: ?
Cover: Glossy color
Guts: White, color on pages 12-13

This issue's cover runs vertically, even though the rest of the book run horizontally, like the previous issue. Other than the cover, there were a lot of improvements made with this issue--the book is stapled, and the four-page sheets all follow each other from the centerfold out.

Sadly, there was no third issue of Sojourn. According to the GCBD, the books were done as a financial boost for the then-new Joe Kubert School, and sold through the also then-new Direct Market. But the unwieldy format kept buyers away, and it folded after these two issues.

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Joe Kubert (Publisher+, Editor) - 1, 2(e), 3-4
Ivan Snyder (Publisher+)
Rick Veitch (Production)
Ed Foley (Production)
Steve R. Bissette (Production) - 12-13, 21(ad)
Sergio Aragones - 5-7, 11
Doug Wildey - 8-10
Jack C. Harris - 11(t)
John Severin - 14-16
Mary Skrenes - 17-19(s)
Blumfield - 5-7(l)
Dick Giordano - 17-19(a)
Karen Kish - 17-19(l)
Bill Kelly - 20-21(t)
Lee Elias - 22-24
2 - Tor
5 - T.C. Mars, Very Private Eye
8 - Eddie Race, Private Investigator
11 - Captions (Article)
12 - Kingdom of the Maggot, Bagged Prey (Poster)
14 - Eagle
17 - The Smooth
20 - Montage
22 - Kronos