Sojourn #1
1st edition
TOUANC Price Guide #GL174
September (actually July?) 1977
White Cliffs Publishing Co.
12" x 18"
24 pages
Printrun: ?
Cover: Glossy color
Guts: White, color on pages 4 & 22

This was a great looking project but not a commercial success. The tabloid size made it unwieldly and hard to sell. The first issue was offered signed and numbered by each artist. According to Bob Beerbohm "There were two issues of Sojourn which Joe published way back when, when the DM was still young. It's unwieldy size and tendency to fall over on the racks made it unpopular with those trying to sell it to the public. Joe was beseeched upon to make it magazine size like Barry Smith was with Story Teller a few years back - both of whom would not listen. Orders dried up, the zines went away - caught in the desire of the artist person to see his work closer in size to the original art, but not suitable to display for sale" Many copies are signed but not numbered and according to Bob Bailey, a former student, the numbering was considered to have been too much of a chore but promised signatures were delivered to charter subscribers.

The book bigger than the standard treasury comic, but it's not stapled, making it almost impossible to hold together and read without pages spilling all over the place.

Also, the stories are printed in order of the binding, so instead of having one centerfold in the middle of the book, you have a series of separate four page sheets, and to make matters even worse, the stories don't follow the order listed on the Table of Contents, which comes on page eight.

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Rick Veitch (Production)
Ed Foley (Production)
Ken Feeduniewicz (Production)
Steve R. Bissette (Production) - 1, 4, 21
Joe Kubert (Publisher+, Editor) - 1, 2-3
Ivan Snyder (Publisher+) - 8(intro+)
Dick Giordano - 1, 5-7(a)
Sergio Aragones - 1, 9(a), 22-24
Lee Elias - 1, 18-20
John Severin - 1, 13-15
Mary Skrenes - 5-7(s)
Blumfield - 5-7(l)
Jack C. Harris - 9(t)
Doug Wildey - 10-12
Bruce Kelly - 16-17(t)
Bruce Dern - 16-17(interview)
2 - Tor
4 - Kingdom of the Maggot, Hunters (Poster)
5 - The Smooth
8 - Contents
8 - Introduction
9 - Captions (Article)
10 - E.V. Race, Private Investigator
13 - Eagle
16 - Montage, Interview with Bruce Dern
18 - Kronos
22 - T.C. Mars, Very Private Eye