These are the many faces of Sir Real
as drawn by...

Richard D. Kuhaupt
My best friend and an amazing artist.
Click on the pic for a more detailed view.
Derek O.
Sir Real gets McBacon'd
Derek O., co-creator of
Rudy McBacon
drew this for me.
I don't know what he was on, but I want some, too!!!
Squid Works
Created for me by Stan Yan and Brendan Wenberg
at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con.
Evert Geradts
Evert Geradts
Creator of Johnny Sailears,
and many other comix & stories!
Jim Siergey
Jim Siergey
Contributer to many, MANY mini comix and undergrounds.
Jim is still quite an active artist.
Howard Cruse
Howard Cruse
Creator of Barefootz, Wendel,
and a host of other great stuff!
Jay Lynch
Jay Lynch
Creator & editor of the
Bijou Publishing Empire,
Wacky Packages, and
The Garbage Pail Kids
Artist in
"Commies From Mars" #3-#6.
Ed Wesolowski
Ed Wesolowski
Artist for Harvey Pekar in
"American Splendor" #11-#15.
Roy-Michael Gibson
Roy-Michael Gibson
One of my friends over at
The Comics Price Guide