Zap #15
1st edition
TOUANC Price Guide #n/a
Last Gasp
7" x 10"
52 pages
Printrun: ?
Cover: Glossy Color
Guts: Newsprint
ISBN: 0-86719-635-1
Double sided issue.

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Paul Mavrides - a1-a4, a16-a17+
Robert Crumb - a5-a14, a16-a17+
S. Clay Wilson - a15, a16-a17+, a20-a23, a26-a27
Spain Rodriguez - a16-a17+, b2, b11-b19
Victor Moscoso - a16-a17+, a18-a19, a24-a25, a28-a30, b20-22
Gilbert Shelton - a16-a17+, b1, b3-b8
Robert Williams - a16-a17+
a2 - untitled
a3 - Jesus Fucking Christ
a5 - Walkin' The Streets
a15 - The Checkered Demon Drinks With His Rotting Zombie Buddy
a16 - Circle O' Jerks
a18 - Blobman The Magician
a20 - There Goes The Neighborhood
a22 - Shithead Meets The Stink Girls
a24 - Dante's Inferno
a26 - Some Of The "Little People" Frolic Through The Enchanted Forest Of Beautiful Women @ The O'Feral Theatre
a28 - Dante And The River Of Lethe
b2 - Fascination
b3 - Wonder Wart-Hog
b11 - Mickey's Meatwagon
b20 - Dante And The River Of Lethe