Zap #3
2nd edition
TOUANC Price Guide #2296
Apex Novelties?
6 3/4" x 9 5/8"
52 pages
Printrun: ?
Cover: Glossy color
Guts: Newsprint
This copy has the 50 cover price and a regular weight cover.

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Rick Griffin - a1-a2, b2, b13, b21-b23+
Robert Crumb - a3-a5, a22-a23, b15-b17, b19-b20, b21-b23+, b24
Victor Moscoso - a6-a11, a25-a26, b21-b23+, b25-b26
S. Clay Wilson - a12, a24, b1, b3-b12, b14, b18, b21-b23+
Gilbert Shelton - a13-a21, b21-b23+
a2 - Ain-Soph-Aur
a3 - Hairy
a6 - Camel
a12 - Come Fix
a13 - Wonder Wart-Hog in "Wonder Blows An Easy One"
a24 - Demon Frames
a25 - 69
b3 - Captain Pissgums and his Pervert Pirates
b13 - AOM
b14 - Gilded Moments
b15 - Dirty Dog
b18 - Captain Edward St. Miquel Tilden Bradshaw and his Crew Come To Grips With Bloodthirsty Foe Pirates
b19 - Mr. Goodbar "Off His Rocker"
b21 - Atomic Comics
b24 - Let's Eat
b24 - Mr. Natural
b25 - 69