Skull Comics #3
5th? edition
TOUANC Price Guide #1790
Last Gasp Eco-Funnies
6 7/8" x 10"
36 pages
Printrun: 20,000
Cover: Glossy Color
Guts: Newsprint
Comix in the E.C. horror tradition.
According to Jay Kennedy's guide, this is a 5th Edition.
According to Zonker's site, this is a 6th Edition.
This one doesn't have the registration mark or red pentagram on the right edge of the back cover. Color separation on the hand at the bottom-right of the front cover doesn't have yellow in it so the star on the hand is a solid blue. It has "Adults Only" to the left of the skull on the front cover.

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Spain Rodriguez - 1
Jack Jackson - 2, 9-12
Dave Sheridan - 3-8
Richard V. Corben - 13-23
Greg Irons - 24-35(a), 36
Tom Veitch - 24-35(s)
2 - Family Man
3 - Tales of the Leather Nun
9 - Testicles The Tautologist
13 - Horrible Harveys House
24 - Cleanup Crew
36 - Tickle Your Ribs?