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The Legion Of Charlies
2nd edition
TOUANC Price Guide #1150
Fall 1971
Last Gasp Eco-Funnies
7" x 10"
36 pages
Printrun: ?
Cover: Glossy Color
Guts: Newsprint
The sagas of Charlie Manson and the Charlie Company at My Lai Vietnam intertwine in this protest against "a government that dehumanizes its citizens and makes robot killers out of them". Dedicated to the brave veterans who turned in their medals to Washington D.C. on Memorial Day 1971.

The edition of this comix confuses me. Kennedy's guide lists a 1st edition as "The hair of the two characters on the front cover is black and merged together. There is a "hash-mark" after the words 'so don't bother sueing!' at the bottom of page 2." He then lists a 2nd edition as "The hair of the figure on the right of the cover is a gray, clearly separate from the black hair of the other character."
My copy of this comix has merged black hair, but no "hash-mark".

Ron E. Turner - (editor)
Greg Irons - 1, 3-30(a), 35-36(ads)
Tom Veitch - 2, 3-30(s), 35(ad)
Dave Sheridan - 31-34, 36(ad)
Britt Wilkie - 35(ad)
2 - San Francisco Chiclet
3 - Prologue
9 - The Legion of Charlies
31 - The Conversion of President Nixnerk
35 - Heavy Literature Freaks (ad)
36 - Last Gasp (ad)