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Cover-Up Lowdown
2nd Edition
TOUANC Price Guide #552
June 1978
Rip Off Press, Inc.
5" x 7"
52 pages
Printrun: 10,000
Cover: Glossy color
Guts: Newsprint
Has the words "of" and "and" in red at the top of Paul Mavrides eyeball cover. 10,000 copies were printed of which about 7,000 were pulped around the beginning of 1980 to avoid inventory tax.

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Paul Mavrides - a1, a3-a11+, a13-a23+, a24, b2-b24+
Jay Kinney - a3-a11+, a12, a13-a23+, a25-a28, b1+, b2-b24+
Fred Todd - a2?
Harry S. Robins - b1+
a3 - Passing The Buck
a12 - YOU Killed Kennedy
a13 - Solar Czars of Cornutopia
a23 - Cattle! Do You Know Where Your Calves Are?
a24 - Brain Maze
a25 - Total World Conspiracy Moebius Flow Chart
b3 - Cover Ups