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Cover-Up Lowdown
1st Edition
TOUANC Price Guide #552
November 1977
Rip Off Press, Inc.
5" x 7"
52 pages
Printrun: 10,000
Cover: Glossy color
Guts: Newsprint
The words "of" and "and" in red at the top of Paul Mavrides eyeball cover are missing.

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Cover-Up Lowdown, 2nd edition

Paul Mavrides - a1, a3-a11+, a13-a23+, a24, b2-b24+
Jay Kinney - a3-a11+, a12, a13-a23+, a25-a28, b1+, b2-b24+
Fred Todd - a2?
Harry S. Robins - b1+
a3 - Passing The Buck
a12 - YOU Killed Kennedy
a13 - Solar Czars of Cornutopia
a23 - Cattle! Do You Know Where Your Calves Are?
a24 - Brain Maze
a25 - Total World Conspiracy Moebius Flow Chart
b3 - Cover Ups