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Bijou Funnies #1
Official Australian Edition
1st (only) Edition
TOUANC Price Guide #n/a
Tomato Press
7" x 9 1/2"
28 pages
Printrun: ?
Cover: Glossy Color
Guts: Newsprint

This is the "Official Australian Edition".

Jay Lynch says, "The Australian edition of Bijou was a legit item, too. Pat Wooley published it. She had a company called Wild and Wolley... I think she's still running that company today. She published Ron Cobb's stuff in Australia back then.

As I recall...all newsstand books had to go through a government censor at that time in Australia. If they found offensive material, they would tear out that page. So we hadda distribute Bijou in milk bars (in Australia, hippies hung out in the Australian equivalent of soda fountains called Milk Bars) and the comic was sold as a premium with milk. You would buy a little bottle of milk, and give the milkbar proprietor 50 cents and the milk bottle cap, and you could by an uncensored Bijou. It was all very odd...but that was the way it was.

Why did hippies in australia hang out in milk bars? It had something to do with the idea that the rolling papers were sold primarily in milk bars at the time. Very unusual method of distribution....but had we gone the government censor route, that Australian ish of Bijou would only have been two or three pages thick once it got to the regular newsstands."

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