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Amazing Adult Fanatsies
New Paltz Comix #2
1st Edition
TOUANC Price Guide #1366
Moods Publishing Empire
7" x 10 1/4"
52 pages
Printrun: ?
Cover: Glossy color
Guts: Newsprint
Double-sided comix.

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Michael T. Gilbert (editor) a3-a10(a+), a21-a23, a25(e), b20-b22(a+), b23(ad), b25(a+)
Raoul F. Venzina a1, a3-a10(a+), b16
Ned Young a2, a16-a20
Brian J. Buniak a11-a15, a24, b11
Linda Kent a26-a27, b9-b10, b17-b19
Vincent Kimszal b20-b22(a+,s), b25(a+,s)
M. Ironmountain b1, b3-b6
Bruce B. Metcalf b7-b8, b12-b15, b23-b24
Richard Fox b8
George Erling b8
a2 - untitled
a3 - Hey Kid... C'mere!
a4 - Rubber Soul
a11 - Sprite
a16 - See No Evil
a21 - Replay
a24 - Candy And Sugar
a25 - Editorial
a26 - Rorschach Review
b2 - Contents
b3 - Masks
b7 - Kleen Kut Komics
b8 - A Day In the Life Of Bobby Balloon
b8 - Siggy
b9 - The Miracle
b11 - Candy And Sugar
b12 - The Last Person On Earth
b16 - Cain And Abel
b17 - Thoughts
b20 - Johnny Joint
b23 - Joe College
b25 - New Paltz Comics: Peanut Butter, Blandie