Moby Gleep
1st Edition
TOUANC Price Guide #n/a
Honeywell and Todd
25 1/4" x 19"
$ ?
1 page
Printrun: 1,000
Cover: Card Stock
Guts: Card Stock
I was contacted by Larry Todd on May 30, 2021 concerning this poster.

Hello Sir Real,
This is Larry Todd in 're yr documentation on Moby gleep...
The painting was done in 1978 and burned up in my 1989 housefire (see Fire Sale for details) and was printed in 1980 by Honeywell and Todd in 're, the print run was 1000. There was a 2nd run in 2001, also 1000, distinguished by their copyright notice lower right side. Hope this helps fill in the blanks.
Bests, Larry Todd
Larry Todd
Moby Gleep