A Gallery of Portraits 2
1st Edition
TOUANC Price Guide #n/a
Schanes and Schanes
8 1/2" x 10 7/8"
8 plates
Printrun: 2,000
Cover: Heavy color stock
Guts: Glossy White
Limited Edition Portfolio of 2,000 copies, of which this is number 1002.
Signed by Wendy Pini.

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Wendy Pini
Plate 1 - Skywise
Impish stargazer / Keeper of the lodestone / Too curious for his own good
Plate 2 - Leetah
The healer / Able to cure all hurts of body and mind with a touch of her hand
Plate 3 - Cutter
Youthful chief of the Wolfriders / Wielder of the sword New Moon / Leader of the Elfquest
Plate 4 - Moonshade
The leather-maker / Skilled at tanning and curing hides / Enigmatic, elusive beauty
Plate 5 - Joyleaf
Huntress and mother of Cutter / Giver of calm and wise counsel / Slain by the monster Madcoil
Plate 6 - Bearclaw
Past chief of the Wolfriders and father of Cutter / A rogue and trickster / Slain by Madcoil
Plate 7 - Rayek
Chief hunter of the Sun folk / Wielder of ancient elfin magic / Rival to Cutter
Plate 8 - Rainsong
The life-bearer / Devoted mother / First to renew her tribe after Madcoil's attack