The Bodé Broads
1st Edition
TOUANC Price Guide #n/a
Bagginer Press
8 5/8" x 11 1/8"
21 pages
Printrun: ?
Cover: Matt
Guts: Matt
A portfolio of 19 prints.
This is complete and was published in 1977 by Bagginer Press, NY.
It was put together by Larry Todd and Barbera Bode.
This was a small pressing and is extremely rare piece of Bode memorabilia.
This was done bt Vaughns wife and put together 2 years after his death, so it is not signed, or ever was.
From my understanding, only 100 were printed.
Larry Todd (Editor)
Vaughn Bodé - Front cover, Inside front cover, plates 1-19
1 - Hi, I'm your new Space Sperm Bank!
2 - I got to get bayonetted real soon.
3 - My name is Mouth.
4 - Oh, dis is cold! I wish I had your hot rocks to sit on!
5 - I let de wind blow me.
6 - I am fairy meat.
7 - Grandmother
8 - Big Mama sez: I like to eat birds.
9 - You gonna like my cockpit.
10 - I need a jockey.
11 - Ah so, maybe you like to put yer yin in my yang, yes?
12 - Ooh, I got a heart-on for you!
13 - Hey, too bad he not a horn-nose!
14 - You want to blow my bubbles?
15 - My sister, she like to chew bones!
16 - Somebody got to help me unfreeze my popsicle.
17 - Come with me, big boy.
18 - Suk-a-duk
19 - Its time to blow the bomb.