The Snatch Sampler
1st Edition
TOUANC Price Guide #1842
April 1977
Keith Green
5" x 7"
164 pages
Printrun: ?
Cover: Softcover
Guts: Newsprint
ISBN: 0-89521-100-9
A double-faced paperback book which collects much of the work that appeared in Snatch Comics #1,2,3, Jiz Comics, and Felch Cumics.

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Grand Comics Database: The Snatch Sampler

Robert Crumb - a1, a3, a5-a25, a28-a29, a40-a51, a67, b15-b17, b19, b28, b60-b61, b63, b66, b70, b72
Spain Rodriguez - a26-a27, a54, a73, a76, b3, b69
S. Clay Wilson - a30-a31, a35-a36, a55, a68-a71, a74-a75, a77-a81, b1, b4, b8-b14, b18, b20-b21, b26-b27, b29-b59, b64-b65, b67-b68, b83
Robert Williams - a32, a34, a37-a39, a56-a66, b62
Jim Osborne - a33, a72, b5-b7, b22-b25, b71, b73-b82
Jay Lynch - a52-a53
a1 - The Snatch Sampler (cover)
a3 - Snatch Comics
a4 - Indicia
a5 - The Pleasure Is Ours, Folks
a6 - Snatch Comics
a7 - Don't Touch Me
a11 - The Adventures Of Dicknose
a19 - Jail Bait Of The Month
a20 - Fresh Ideas
a21 - The Grabbies Are Coming
a24 - The Adventures Of Andy Hard-On
a26 - Clara Bow Takes On The Thundering Herd
a28 - Grand Opening Of The Great Intercontinental Fuck-In And Orgy Riot
a30 - Give Me All Three At Once
a31 - Hippy Queen
a32 - See The Incredible Madam Manerva Sit On The World's Face
a33 - Cyborg-69
a34 - Monster Pecker Cut-Outs
a35 - Nailed It To The Floor
a36 - Melodye's Body-Filtered Smoke
a37 - Shit Hell Fuck Funnies
a40 - Krude Kut-Ups
a42 - Quick, Fred, The Bus Is Coming
a43 - The Fight
a49 - Prick Teasers
a50 - Tit 'n Ass Topics
a51 - Felch Political Corner
a52 - Some Folks Just Ain't Satisfied With What They Got
a53 - A Couple Of Dames From Dubuque
a54 - Modern Love
a55 - Pussy
a56 - His First Day In The City
a57 - Lady Negfield Prig
a58 - That Night Under The Montana Mood
a59 - The Nectar Of Satan
a66 - Stop Jacking Off
a67 - Moga Booga Whitey
a68 - Nose Goo
a69 - Best Butt Leather Bicycle Seats
a70 - I Remember Four Lovers I Had Last June
a71 - Marie The Masochist And Two Friends
a72 - Jungle Thrills
a73 - No More Humiliation
a74 - This One's Howard's
a75 - Ffrrump
a76 - Miss Marth Wainwright Finds Her Beauty Rest Rudely Interrupted
a77 - The Cuckold On The Verge Of Getting Revenge
a78 - It's Baseball Time
a79 - Wah!
a80 - Captain Crank And His Poon-Loot
a81 - In Like A Dog
b1 - The Snatch Sampler (cover)
b3 - Snatch
b4 - untitled
b5 - The Hard Guy
b8 - You've Been Good All Day Fifi
b9 - Dwarf Revolt Tales
b15 - Splat
b16 - The Family That Lays Together Stays Together
b18 - Barb-Wire Bernice
b19 - You Got The Weenie, She's Got The Bun
b20 - Consider This Har' Belayin' Pin
b21 - Alr'at Now Kate
b22 - Morning In Mallorca
b26 - A Piece Of Eight
b27 - The Huge Cunt Of Tess
b28 - Pump Those Peddles, You Little Brat
b29 - The Felching Vampires Meet The Holy Virgin Mary
b37 - Pudocchio
b45 - Balls And Box
b60 - Winter Fun
b61 - Gerald, Would You Please Take Your Penis Out For A Moment?
b62 - Felch Cumics
b63 - Far-Out Fetish Freak, Fey "Strapalong" Whiplash
b64 - Good Evening Lady Frothingham
b65 - Sabrina Frolics With A Trio Of Satan's Scamps
b66 - Down On The Farm
b67 - September, October
b68 - Quim-Cured Crooks
b69 - Zip Queen
b70 - My Seester
b71 - Exposin' Th' Younger Generation
b72 - Orgasm On Ice
b73 - Paul & Marlon in "Bottoms Up"
b75 - 'Neath Saturn's Rings
b76 - Hollywood Tragedy, The Suicide Of Lupe Velez
b83 - Wheeee Flood My Insides Mate